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Nach dem Bargeld geht Indien nun gegen Gold vor
November 30, 2017 ,

Kaum ein Land verbraucht soviel Gold wie Indien. Das Edelmetall wird vor allem zu Schmuck verarbeitet, der zu jeder indischen Hochzeit dazugehört. Doch die Regierung Modi will den Gold-Verbrauch senken - auch zum Wohle der Wirtschaft. In Indien sind Hochzeiten aufwendige Unterfangen. Standesgemäße Feiern gelten als viel beachtetes Statussymbol, Pomp und Prunk gehören...

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Triple talaq: Goodbye and good riddance
September 06, 2017 , , El Cuarto Arcano: El Puerto de las Tormentas: 2 ,

  As usual, India′s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his opinion known on Twitter: the Supreme Court's decision was "historic", granting equality to Muslim women and sending a powerful message for their empowerment. In an eagerly awaited ruling, the Supreme Court found that the widespread practice among India's Muslims of "triple talaq" (talaq-e-biddat) violates the constitution....

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Muslim talaq law in India: Divorce by email
June 05, 2017 , ,

  The citizens of India have been in conflict for decades – and especially since the nation's independence in the year 1947 – over the constitutionality of Islam′s archaic divorce law and its highly illiberal practice. The government in New Delhi now hopes that a Supreme Court decision will finally lay the long-standing dispute to rest. Commentaries on the talaq issue are agai...

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India: The Perils of Digital Transformation
May 22, 2017 Metodo y Antimetodo , Desarrollo De Las Capacidades De Los Alumnos De Educacion Primaria, El , ,

For India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 2017 began with a disappointment: Both the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank corrected their economic outlook for India – in one case from projected 7.6% of GDP growth to 6.6%, in the other from 7.6% to 7%. The institutes justified the downgrades with the aftershocks of demonetization. Prime Minister Modi’s surprise de...

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India’s Noxious Cow Politics
April 24, 2017 , , , ,

In early April, a mob lynched 55-year-old dairy farmer Pehlu Khan in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. A video of the crime went viral and fanned an emotional political debate. The killing of Mr. Khan is the sixth fatality since 2015 of a Muslim man subjected to such vigilante “justice.” Cow vigilantism, as assaults against those dealing commercially with the animals are cal...

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India: A picture says more than 1000 words
December 10, 2016 , Barras Proteicas Caseras para Acelerar el Desarrollo Muscular: Genere mas Musculo Naturalmente sin usar Suplementos de Creatina o Esteroides Anabolicos , ,


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How India Copes with Demonetization
November 28, 2016 , , , La enseñanza/aprendizaje del español (Investigación a la práctica) ,

The assessments could hardly be more divergent. One side says India’s currency reform is a stroke of genius. It is a surgical strike by Narendra Modi which dries out the morass of the black economy overnight. Noble intentions perhaps For the opponents of this reform measure, the sudden invalidation of huge amounts of paper money is a source of pain and misery. It is also a threat to economic g...

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And all of a sudden your cash is worthless
November 26, 2016 , , Para Leer Al Anochecer 5ed (Impedimenta) ,

The assessments could hardly be less disparate. One side says India’s currency reform is a stroke of genius, a surgical strike which overnight dries out the morass of the black economy. For the foes, the sudden invalidation of huge amounts of paper money is a source of pain and misery, a threat to economic growth, in short: a political scandal. Political controversy is part and parcel of ...

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Trouncing Triple Talaq
October 12, 2016 , , Desarrollo Sostenible, Estudio de Un Caso Practico en la Region de Murcia , , , , , Alimentos Globalizados (Antrazyt)

The message is clear: The Indian government is calling on the Supreme Court to declare the practice of "divorce by repudiation" – known as talaq – and polygamy unconstitutional. This landmark decision on a central issue relating to the family law of the Muslim minority brings a dispute that has been simmering for decades, indeed since the founding of the Republic, to a crucial turning p...

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India’s Smart Cities: A Vision Without Base
September 15, 2016 , Tino al rescate: Una aventura libre de gluten , Tecnicas quirurgicas en hombro y codo , , Toponimia de Ribagorza. Municipio de Sahún

For reasons of protocol, John Kerry likes to be on time. During his recent visit to India, the U.S. Secretary of State had to apologize for being late more than once. Heavy monsoon rains had flooded the roads. The autocade of the American VIP also got stuck in massive traffic jams. “I don’t know how you all got here…by boats or amphibious vehicles?” Kerry asked his hosts jokingly ...

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