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Why Asia is the Champion of Globalization
September 24, 2017 , , ,

China’s growing influence in South Asia manifests itself in hotels all over the region. No matter where one travels or stays, the visitor is surrounded by Chinese businessmen and women – be it in Lahore or Karachi or in Colombo. You also meet Chinese delegates in Bangladesh, Nepal or the Maldives. One gets the feeling they are everywhere. Ever more attuned to the power of soft power ...

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Liberalism in a Changing World: A Globalist Perspective
March 08, 2016 , , , , ,

  I am pleased to be back at the University. My interaction with you brings back fond memories of academic freedom and political activism when I was a liberal student leader at Hamburg University in the late seventies of last century. It was a very different time. Germany and the world were divided and the threat of a nuclear holocaust helped preserve the status quo. I may talk about those ye...

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Why India Needs More Freedom
December 06, 2015 , , , ,

The hot-button word of Indian politics these days is tolerance. For weeks, the controversy about the state of tolerance in the nation has dominated public debates. There is a clash between two narratives, with few moderating voices. The dispute is highly ideological and also partisan. One camp, call them the apologists, downplays the acts of violence against members of minorities. They are typi...

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