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Triple talaq: Goodbye and good riddance
September 06, 2017 , , ,

  As usual, India′s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his opinion known on Twitter: the Supreme Court's decision was "historic", granting equality to Muslim women and sending a powerful message for their empowerment. In an eagerly awaited ruling, the Supreme Court found that the widespread practice among India's Muslims of "triple talaq" (talaq-e-biddat) violates the constitution....

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Trouncing Triple Talaq
October 12, 2016 , , , , , , ,

The message is clear: The Indian government is calling on the Supreme Court to declare the practice of "divorce by repudiation" – known as talaq – and polygamy unconstitutional. This landmark decision on a central issue relating to the family law of the Muslim minority brings a dispute that has been simmering for decades, indeed since the founding of the Republic, to a crucial turning p...

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