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Dr. Ronald Meinardus is the Regional Director of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) South Asia based in New Delhi. A journalist by profession, he writes political commentaries and analytical reports in German and in English.

Why Asia is the Champion of Globalization
September 24, 2017

China’s growing influence in South Asia manifests itself in hotels all over the region. No matter where one travels or stays, the visitor is surrounded by Chinese businessmen and women – be it in Lahore or Karachi or in Colombo. You also meet Chinese delegates in Bangladesh, Nepal or the Maldive Read more →

Südasien Digital: Smartphones, Apps und Videos revolutionieren Indiens Medienlandschaft
September 20, 2017

  Narendra Modi hat sich frühzeitig an die Spitze der Bewegung gestellt. Mit seinem Vorzeigeprojekt „Digital India“ hat sich der Regierungschef zum Schrittmacher der digitalen Transformation in dem südasiatischen Schwellenland erklärt. Angetrieben vom technischen Fortschritt wandern auch Read more →

Triple talaq: Goodbye and good riddance
September 06, 2017

  As usual, India′s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his opinion known on Twitter: the Supreme Court’s decision was “historic”, granting equality to Muslim women and sending a powerful message for their empowerment. In an eagerly awaited ruling, the Supreme Court found that Read more →

Wie Indiens reichster Mann den Mobilfunkmarkt aufmischt
August 14, 2017

Mukesh Ambanis Werbeabteilung hatte sich etwas besonders einfallen lassen. Auf ganzseitigen Anzeigen firmierte kein geringerer als Ministerpräsident Narendra Modi unter dem Firmenlogo und dem Satz: „Für Indien und seine 1,2 Milliarde Menschen“. Dass es bei der Kampagne um die Einführung neuar Read more →

My 8 Basic Rules for Successful Communication
August 12, 2017

  Note: These basic rules apply for more or less all genres and formats of communications, be it writing an article, talking to an audience or posting on social media, to name but a few. Have a strategy Plan and be prepared Be clear Make sure your content is useful/relevant for the audience Be Read more →

Ten Tips for Successful Moderators
August 07, 2017

Throughout my professional life, I have moderated meetings of various sizes and in different cultural settings. Here are my suggestions for successful moderators: Record expectations Value your audience Engage with all participants Remove obstacles Use a variety of methods Visualize your content Cre Read more →

No traction: India’s resistance to the appeal of IS
July 10, 2017

  At the end of May, India’s governing party celebrated three years in power – for ministers, an opportunity to take stock. Rajnath Singh, the Home Minister, had good news: “I can say with full confidence that IS until now has failed to find traction in India.” In the case o Read more →

Muslim talaq law in India: Divorce by email
June 05, 2017

  The citizens of India have been in conflict for decades – and especially since the nation’s independence in the year 1947 – over the constitutionality of Islam′s archaic divorce law and its highly illiberal practice. The government in New Delhi now hopes that a Supreme Court decis Read more →

India: The Perils of Digital Transformation
May 22, 2017

For India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 2017 began with a disappointment: Both the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank corrected their economic outlook for India – in one case from projected 7.6% of GDP growth to 6.6%, in the other from 7.6% to 7%. The institutes justified the Read more →

Auf dem Weg in die Zukunft kommt Indien ins Straucheln
May 15, 2017

  Für Indiens Ministerpräsidenten Narendra Modi begann das Jahr mit enttäuschendem Zahlenwerk: IWF und Weltbank hatten ihre Wachstumsprognosen für das Land 2017 nach unten korrigiert. Die einen von 7,6 Prozent auf 6,6 Prozent, die andren von 7,6 auf sieben Prozent. Die Institute begründeten di Read more →