Elections in India: What I wrote for a German audience – and what I could have written for Indian readers
March 22, 2017

For a foreigner, writing about Indian politics is challenging. In case the readers are foreigners like me, there’s very much explaining to do. If the audience is Indian, there’s a chance they tell me to mind my own business — particularly i...

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Why Asia is the Champion of Globalization
September 24, 2017 , , ,

China’s growing influence in South Asia manifests itself in hotels all over the region. No matter where one travels or stays, the visitor is surrounded by Chinese businessmen and women – be it in Lahore or Karachi or in Colombo. You als

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Triple talaq: Goodbye and good riddance
September 06, 2017 , , ,

  As usual, India′s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his opinion known on Twitter: the Supreme Court's decision was "historic", granting equality to Muslim women and sending a powerful message for their empowerment. In an eagerly aw

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My 8 Basic Rules for Successful Communication
August 12, 2017 , ,

  Note: These basic rules apply for more or less all genres and formats of communications, be it writing an article, talking to an audience or posting on social media, to name but a few. Have a strategy Plan and be prepared Be clea

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