India: A picture says more than 1000 words
December 10, 2016 , , ,


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Ungültige Scheine: Vor allem die Armen leiden unter der “Demonetisation”
December 06, 2016 Mandalas. Naturaleza Y Animales (Larousse - Libros Ilustrados/ Prácticos - Ocio Y Naturaleza) , , , ,

  Seit über Nacht ein Großteil der Geldscheine ungültig sind, befindet sich Indien im ökonomischen Ausnahmezustand. Vor allem die Armen leiden unter der Bargeldabschaffung. Die eigentlichen Ziele der Aktion kommen glimpflich davon.

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How India Copes with Demonetization
November 28, 2016 , Salud Del Perro (La Salud Del Perro) , , , ¡El Gran Chof!

The assessments could hardly be more divergent. One side says India’s currency reform is a stroke of genius. It is a surgical strike by Narendra Modi which dries out the morass of the black economy overnight. Noble intentions perhaps For the oppo

Marvel Novelas Gráficas: Capitán América: Soldado del Invierno. Parte II: 11

Los informes de los Fugger: Cartas de aviso inéditas de los corresponsales de la Casa Fugger (1568-1605) (Historia y Presente)

Liberalism in a Changing World: A Globalist Perspective
March 08, 2016 , , , , ,

  I am pleased to be back at the University. My interaction with you brings back fond memories of academic freedom and political activism when I was a liberal student leader at Hamburg University in the late seventies of last century. It was a v

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